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Please donate your time, thought, and/or money to the projects and activities of SEEDS (501c(3) EIN: 74-2723080). You could join [email protected] for greater interaction with us. You can also become a voting member by paying yearly dues and staying involved with SEEDS activities (yearly dues for US members is $150; for others, please contact a board member). Your contribution as a member, or through targeted donations to specific projects, or via your general patronage is greatly needed and appreciated.  We have two separate pages for donations:  
  • SEEDS-USA is a 501c(3) tax-exempt nonprofit (EIN: 74-2723080) registered in the USA. Checks may also be sent to this Address: Treasurer of SEEDS, 9617 Mariposa St, Houston, Texas 77025. See below for online donations or payment for those living in North America or outside India.
  • Partner SEEDS-India organization is a 12A nonprofit (PAN AAOTS9642J) registered in India. A link back to the India-donation page

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COVID19 Food Security

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In the US: Dr. Gopal Ph: +1 713 6149950 Addr: SEEDS, 9617 Mariposa St, Houston, Texas 77025, USA

In India: Prof. Darshan Ph: +91 8763440279  Addr: SEEDS-India, Plot 139, Rosedale, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar 751016, India